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To help pass the time here are a some books that make for a fascinating read.

Playing Gay in the Golden Age of British TV by Stephen Bourne

The book looks at the depiction of gay people on the small screen up to the 1980's

Fabulosa! - The Story of Polari, Britain's Secret Gay Language by Paul Baker

Polari was used by mainly by camp gay men in the first half of the twentieth century as a means of talking with each other in a sort of code or dialect. It came to mainstream attention in the radio broadcasts of Round the Horne in the 1960s starring Kenneth Williams and Hugh Paddick as Julian and Sandy.

Fantabulosa! - Definitely worth a vada 

Another book by Stephen Bourne you may like to read is Fighting Proud - a history of gay men who served in the armed forces in both World Wars and those who contributed on the Home Front such as Ivor Novello, Noel Coward and Terence Rattigan.

If you have a taste for small town gossip and a comedy of manners you could try The Mapp and Lucia novels by E F Benson.They are set in the fictional town of Tilling which is really Rye in the 1920s and 30s.

The Man Who Invented Rock Hudson by Robert Hofler

This is the story of Hollywood's star maker, Henry Wilson who took Roy Fitzgerald from a truck driver to become one of the most popular movie stars Rock Hudson.

One of Them: From Albert Square to Parliament Square by Michael Cashman

A memoir of his life, growing up in the East End of London, becoming an actor ( remember that kiss in Eastenders!), one of the founders of Stonewall, campaigner and member of the House of Lords.

The Naked Tuck Shop - Growing up Gay in the 1950s by Tim Hughes

An autobiography from being a grammar school boy in the 1950s, discovering the hidden gay life, becoming a theatre director, journalist then social worker in New York at the start of the AIDS epidemic

From the Guardian - Party and Protest: the Radical History of Gay Liberation,Stonewall and Pride by Huw Lemmey

 Getting a direct link to the Guardian and the article does not seem to be working, so if you want to have a read put the The Guardian in your browser and in the Guardian search engine type in The Long Read or Party and Protest. The article was published on the 25th June.


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