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All I See is You - Recording of the play on YouTube

All I See is You was originally written for the Bolton Octagon Theatre and was performed at last year's Brighton Fringe where it won a major award. The writer, Katherine Smith has decided to release a recording of it now the play has finished touring.

The play is set in Bolton 1967 and charts the relationship between extrovert Bobby who works at Woolworths (Woolies - as it was known to our age group) and Ralph who is quiet, intellectual and due to become employed as a teacher.

As it is set in the Sixties with all the attendant problems of illegality, hatred and aversion therapy to name but a few the play has uplifting moments and is a brilliant depiction of a relationship trying to survive all this.

I don't have a link direct to it on YouTube but if you put in All See is You Play into the search engine it should appear. It is free to watch as well - a piece of our history well worth seeing.


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